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Diploma Engineer ENSAM, Angers/Paris.
IFP - Institut Français du Pétrole / CESEP - Centre d’Etudes Supérieures en Economie Pétrolière.
Diploma Engineer ENSPM/CESEP, Rueil Malmaison,
2010 AMF Certification
1999 Diploma from the « Securities Institute »/London : Futures & Options, Fixed Income.
Diploma FRM from GARP : Global Association for Risk Professionals
Language English (fluent – 4 years abroad), Spanish.


2010 2013 Sciences Po - Formation Continue, Paris, Ce.com Certification for Banque de France
2000 2017 MASTER Finance IAE de Grenoble, the world of finance,
2001 2019 MASTER Finance d’Entreprise et de Marché, Cergy Pontoise, risk and valuation,
2001 2017 MASTER Finance, Dijon, portfolio valuation and accounting,
2011 2019 MASTER Inseec, arbitrage theory and exotic option valuation
-Excel Training : Middle Office, Project Finance Modelling, Financial and Economic calculus,
-Training Abroad: BEI (Luxembourg), Banque d’Algérie, Caixa Banque (Portugal), BEAC, PVComBank, BIDV (Vietnam).
2002 2006Training in Cash Management
Depuis 2010Training for financial certification: garp, amf, cfa,
Depuis 2010Training for professionals: First Finance, Barchen, Les Echos Formation, Cegos


Product Control / Risk Control / Middle Office:

  • P&L: realized, unrealized, funding and performance, pricing, reserves, provisions,
  • Reconciliation of FX positions between accounts and systems,
  • P&L analysis: risk/result reconciliation, income attribution,
  • Accounting/Middle Office reconciliation: balance sheet, off balance sheet, funding,
  • Risk management for banks and corporates, VAR (Value At Risk), Expected Shortfall.

Financial Control and Audit:

  • Project management, change management and system integration.
  • Internal control, audit, risk mapping, risk management, operational risk.
  • Accounting system implementation and accounting schemes,
  • Inventories, valuations, FX management, reserve calculations,
  • Business reporting, KPI, cost allocation, RoA and RoE.

Financial Products :

  • Pricing models: parameterization, interest rate curves.
  • Classical pricing models: analytics, binomial, Monte Carlo, arbitrage theory.
  • Exotic options pricing: simple and double barrier, digital, lookback, asian, ratchet.
  • Interest rate options: cap/floors, swaption, bond option, convertible,
  • Market data management: ZC curves, Futures, volatility surfaces,
  • Portfolio Theory: Markovitz, Blac-Litterman.
  • Mathematical Finance: Risk Neutral Probability, Arbitrage Theory.

Information Technology :

  • Microsoft office: Access, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Publisher.
  • Programming Languages: VBA, Python, R, Fortran, PL1, APL, Html and Maple, Mathematica, Latex,
  • Pricing library: analytical formula, binomial methods, stochastic calculus,
  • Excel training: tables, VAR. ACP, Monte Carlo, Garch, Portfolio analysis,
  • Data Analysis: Factorial methods, Canonical, Principal Component, Regression, Discriminant analysis,
  • Financial systems: Summit, Infinity, Murex, Calypso, KTP, Diapason, Orchestrade.
  • Excel Training in Finance: Financial Calculus, Financial Modelling, Portfolio Theory(Markovitz), Garch, VAR,



  • BRED: Implementation of Banking Accounting System,
  • BNPP: Expert consultant for Cash Management solutions and FX hedging services,
  • CNP: Caisse Nationale de Prévoyance. Sofware selection for Assets within Murex, Summit, Calypso,
  • SOCIETE GENERALE: implementation of control in Europe for the Product Control Group (PCG),
  • CREDIT FONCIER DE FRANCE: study of dematerialisation via internet for loan application,
  • CNCE: Calculation in VB of transfer prices of the loan book (130 bil Euro) for Fermat,
  • NATIXIS Services Financiers: Access tools to calculate funding on current accounts for CACEIS transfer,
  • NATIXIS SDR: PL reconciliation between Middle Office and Accounts,
  • CREDIT AGRICOLE: Merger of Structured Credit Portfolios of CAI and Credit Lyonnais,
  • CDC IXIS: repricing of the Asset Swap Portfolio,
  • ABN AMRO : market and credit risk project : head of the VAR validation team (7 persons and 2 years),
  • KREDIT BANK and ING : design of the risk architecture around SAS, Infinity and Redpoint,
  • NATWEST and BARCLAYS: strategic study on risk systems: comparison, internal models for CAD.


  • EASYBIKE GROUP: financial controller,
  • EDF energy: project modelling for a dam in Africa – Project Aval Soubre,
  • VINCI: review of Financial Reporting in Financial Department,
  • NESTLE is Switzerland: International Cash Management,
  • SAGE: Risk management in XRT cash management and new accounting links (IAS).


Consulting : since July 96 – AMS XRT FINKEYS

Consultant Indépendant.
•BRED: selection of accounting tools,
•CNP: Selection of portfolio management tools,
•BEAC: Audit of the bank and of the pension fund,
•CCF: Digitalization of loan documents,
•SGCIB: European Product Control,
•CNCE: Transfer price calculations in Fermat for ALM,
•Natixis SDR: Profit and Loss reconciliation between accouting and economic P&L,
•Natixis Services Financiers : funding calculation on cash accounts and transfer to CACEIS,
•Calyon: Implementation of Swaps in Summit FO/BO following bank's merger,
•Calyon: Portfolio analysis of credit books on Murex.
December 2000XRT (now SAGE) implementation of Treasury systems,
October 2002Head of large customer clients,
2 yearsCash Management projects: interfaces, payments, accounting, forecasts.
July 1999AMS American Management System, London,
April 1996Consultant « Senior Principal ».
4 years•London: market risk and counterparty risk benchmarking for Natwest Markets, with CAD and Basle requirements. Global study on source systems of BZW for loading a Risk Database..
•Bruxelles: Définition de l’architecture technique d’évaluation des risques.
•Amsterdam: Business Implementation team at the ABN AMRO global market and credit risk project: Var Validation at group level, definition of performance methodology (RAROC): loading of all transactions, daily repricing and real time collection. The base contains 500 000 trades and consists of around 2000 books.

Banking : February 88 to June 96 - CREDIT LYONNAIS

1 yearCrédit Lyonnais, London.
Head of Middle Office and Risk controls,
Head of Middle Office P&L and Risk,
Capital Adequacy Directive implementation.
2 yearsCrédit Lyonnais Paris - Direction des Comptes et de l’informatique.
Head of "Contrôle d’Activité Salle des Marchés",
Head of P&L reporting and risk reporting for: treasury, bonds, derivatives,
Implementation of P&L Methods, P&L reconciliation between accounting and economy.
3 yearsCrédit Lyonnais Paris - Direction Centrale des Marchés de Capitaux.
Middle Office on derivatives,
Team of 15 persons for controls: swaps, options, futures…
P&L reporting, P&L reconciliation,
Implementation of central dataware for data management.
2 yearsCrédit Lyonnais Paris - Direction Centrale des Marchés de Capitaux.
Organisation et Systèmes.
Selection and implementation of derivatives softwares: Devon/Sungard for Options FX.

May 1986 Chambre Syndicale des Banques Populaires (CSBP).
Februar 1988Team of "Recherche Opérationnelle".
2 yearsMinitel software for loans, pension and tax calculations.